Friday, December 20, 2013

Handmade Christmas Day 2: Easy & Inexpensive DIY Man Christmas Gift

SPOILER ALERT: If you are anyone in my family/know me in real life, you
 should probably just quit reading my blog until after Christmas. :) 

One of my favorite things to do, Christmas or not, is give gifts (especially themed gifts!). However, I am a firm believer that not all gifts have to be expensive, large, wrapped or bought from a store... especially when the recipient isn't really on the "to buy for" list and you didn't draw their name, etc etc. So I like to make guy gifts & girl gifts for people we wouldn't typically buy a big gift for. 

This is what the guys are getting this year. I never would have thought of something like this if my husband wasn't obsessed with these nuts in the shells. There's just something about it that makes it feel like Christmas for him, so every year he begs for me to buy a stash. I personally don't understand. They are messy & far more time consuming than buying nuts that are already shelled. But I give in. It must be a guy thing. 
These are pretty self explanitory, but I saved old spaghetti jars, peeled the labels off and painted the lids with regular craft paint. The best part about this craft is that you don't have to get all of the labels off because you can just cover them up with paper! I hot glued brown craft paper & some scrapbook paper for decoration and filled with nuts. I added a nutcracker to each one and tied it with twine. The nutcrackers are around $1-2 at Walmart & the grocery store. I filled with mixed nuts that I bought in bulk. My husband already finished off what didn't fit in the jars... go figure. 

What are you giving for your handmade gifts this year? I'd love to hear! 

If you're interested in anymore DIY Christmas gifts, I will be sharing the girls' gifts tomorrow! But for now you can check out these easy & inexpensive gifts:

 DIY Husband Gift (12 Months of Dates)

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