Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Encouragement

If you haven't heard this beautiful song, click here to hear for yourself. Or click here & here for two of my favorite remakes of it! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Free Chalkboard Printable: There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For

hi, my name is suzy and i'm addicted to chalkboard printables. 
sorry, guys. but i'm back again to share another. 
go ahead... block me. i won't be sad. (just kidding, i will!)

But anyway, I posted this quote on my instagram a while back and am absolutely in love with it. I printed it out using my walgreens app that prints 4x4 square prints from instagram (for 39 cents!). The only problem is I wanted a larger version, but to do this I would have to pay a lot of money to print a square photo. So I decided it'd be easier to make a printable version that doesn't require any weird (aka expensive) sizing. I try to make all of my printables something that will match many places since I'm constantly moving things around, so I kept it simple with black and white. This will print out as a 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 clearly.
Click here to download the watermark free copy from my Flickr stream. 

I actually printed out an 8x10, but then realized I had this square frame in my bedroom gallery wall that has been empty forever. So I cut it down a bit and it fit perfectly! I apologize for my terrible photo taking skills, but here is what it looks like (full of glare, chandelier reflection & all:)).


Monday, January 13, 2014

Gender Reveal Party Free Printable: Chalkboard Old Wives Tales

I know what you are all thinking...
"Seriously, another chalkboard printable?"

It's ok, I'm thinking it too. I promise I will stop after this. But in my defense, I actually made this a couple of months ago but forgot to send a test copy to the printer right away so I have not posted it until now. I created this printable as a copy of the chalkboard that I made for our Gender Reveal Party. I have since seen TONS of replications on pinterest... I love seeing everyone else's take on it! (Seriously, just look up "Old Wives Tales" on pinterest- so fun!) I also saw a bunch of look-alike printables for purchase on etsy. And you know I'm all about freebies so I thought I would share with you my original version of this chalkboard as a FREE printable.  It is sized as a 5x7, but it prints out fine at 4x6 and 8x10 as well. I will even probably use this for my next baby because let's be real, it is way nicer than my handwriting! 

Clike HERE to download the free copy (without the joy is at home label) and print off at your favorite print shop. Just circle the answers that are relevant to your pregnancy, hang or frame and have fun guessing the gender!! 
Did you do a gender reveal party? What were some of the fun things you did? And if you haven't seen the original post, click here for more fun gender reveal party ideas! 

let's connect: 
instagram: @joyisathomeblog
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Free Printable Carseat Labels: In Case of Emergency

Hey Everyone :)
I hope you are enjoying the heat wave (or in our case, 40 degree weather) that came around this weekend. In true warm-blooded fashion, we spent some time outside and I'm not going to lie... we (the adults) might not have worn coats. It was wonderful. We were even able to finally tackle some of the projects required being outside, like installing our backup carseat (which was a Christmas gift from my inlaws). Right after birth, the hospital gave us an information label to put on the carseat, but we didn't have anymore to go on the new seats. If you're not sure why you'd need something like this on your carseat, click here to read more.  Since I didn't have any more, I thought I'd make a set of my own & of course, share with you :) 
 These cards can be printed out at home on cardstock or sticker paper, but I'd recommend printing at a local photo center and taping it on with scotch tape. I tried both ways and the reason I liked the photo paper was because if there was a need for this information, the rescuer could easily pull the card off of the seat without ripping it. The printable is sized as a 4x6 print, so I printed out 2 (making 4 labels) for a whopping 40 cents. You can cut them in half (shown above) or cut around the colored part if your seat has less room. When I put the actual sticker on our carseat, I tucked it up in the fabric a bit so that the child's name and birthday isn't showing unless you move the fabric up. 

You are welcome to print off the photos below or download them without the watermark below: 
                           Click here for the pink version click here for the blue version. 

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Printable Toddler Flashcards: Alphabet Fruits & Vegetables

I asked you ladies on instagram (@joyisathomeblog) where to find toddler flashcards, because we are very sick of the ones I got during back to school and I haven't been able to find any more. Thanks for all the awesome suggestions! But then I decided it's too cold to shop, so why not just make some myself? So, if you are looking for some fun learning activities to do while you're cooped up this winter (umm... any minnesota friends? did ya hear the governor called off school for ALL of minnesota on monday?! who's up for moving?!), I have included the free printables below! And I can tell you right now, these were a HUGE hit with C and I will definitely be making more. I am thinking shapes & colors next... any other good ideas? 
I went with an abc fruit & veggies theme but fair warning, there is no x or u.... and if you can come up with a healthy food that starts with that you let me know and I will add to the collection! Maybe utensils? Is that pushing it?? lol 
As you can see, Walgreens cropped mine a bit crazy so some of the borders are missing but they have a 9 cents per print deal going on right now, so I decided C probably won't care too much. Walgreens also has a habit of hassling me about prints (even a picture of my own child... in his highchair... in my kitchen... because I added a "thank you" overlay to it), so here is my permission - Feel free to print off to your hearts content, but please use for personal reasons only & link back to Joy Is At Home if you'd like to share on your social media! 
And in case you think we only eat fruit... :) 
These would also be a super cute little gift wrapped up for your favorite food loving toddler! You could also add this to one of the small flip photo albums from the dollar tree. I left mine out because C likes to lay out his flashcards on the floor and point to each one by one, but using an album would make it a bit more "book-style". 

I added the pictures below, so if you just want a few you can easily right click---> save picture as and print from there. But if that sounds like too much work for you, click here to head to my Flickr stream where you can download & print them all for free! They are sized to be a 4x6, make sure you print the actual 4x6 size as some will have "true digital" prints that actually print on slightly smaller photo paper, causing your prints to be cropped incorrectly (aka like mine!:))

Happy Friday, friends & stay warm please!! 

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pampers at CVS + Giveaway!

**Update- this giveaway is closed! Congrats, Steph! I sent you an email!**

Can you believe that Christmas is already over? It seems that I spend months planning, shopping, wrapping, organizing, cleaning, decorating, planning some more and then bam... it's over in the blink of an eye! I think part of the reason that our holidays seem to go so quickly is because we are one of those families that have several different celebrations all packed into 2-3 days. Talk about hectic!
I have become a pro at gathering all of the presents, food and the clothes we need for each gathering, but now I have a toddler to pack for on top of that! Between packing toddler-friendly food, toys & books for the car rides, extra clothes and blankets, mittens and hats... I am just amazed at all of the "stuff" that comes along with this boy! One of my biggest time savers over the holidays is using Pampers disposable diapers. They really make things quick, easy & fuss-free, which is exactly what I need during the busiest time of the year! Pampers are the only diapers that I have found to truly last C all night with no leaks, which any mom knows is a huge win.  Plus, the added convenience of being able to quickly stop at our neighborhood CVS is a huge time-saver for this busy mom. 
I love that CVS is stocked full of all of the supplies you need, but without all the hassle of huge parking lots and slow lines. Living in the freezing cold MN, there is nothing I want to do less than cart my bundled boy across a massive parking lot in the snow, so the convenience that CVS offers is unbeatable! The fact that many are open 24/7 is a huge bonus! Stocking up on diapers and wipes before the big day is essential to our sanity and helps make the holidays fuss-free. 

Pampers at CVS was generous enough to offer readers a chance to win free diapers (up to 13.99) & wipes (up to 3.99)! All you have to do is leave a comment below & share with me your favorite Christmas tradition! The giveaway will run until New Years Eve and I will pick a winner via If your email isn't linked to your profile, please leave it along with your comment so I can get your information! And if you'd like more chances to win, you can find a collection of other CVS stories by using #PampersCVS on facebook & twitter. Good luck!

*US Only*
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Easy & Cheap DIY Christmas Gift

So to continue on from yesterday's post where I shared my "go to guy gift" for Christmas 2013, I thought I'd show you what I made for the women in my family. This is even easier and can be customized depending on who you're giving it to! 
 I apologize for the middle-of-the-night-crafting-session-iphone pictures. But do you see that mess I made? I can't make that mess with a toddler running around... he makes enough of his own messes, I would never be able to keep up with it all! But basically, I just used painters tape to keep a nice edge and painted the bottom with regular craft (acrylic) paint. I had to do about 4-5 coats to get it dark enough to where you couldn't see through. If you do this, make sure to take the tape off while you're last coat is still wet to prevent your paint from peeling back.  
I've read online that you should spray paint a clear coat over these, but I wasn't a fan of spray painting near eating utensils, even if it was only one end. So I just used a clear acrylic sealer, but I would still say these are handwash only! I tied them in a festive hand towel (which I bought as a 3 pack at Home Goods) and done!